What is 'Solar Control'?

The term 'solar control' is more than just a buzzword in the building, construction and architectural communities. Simply put -- Solar Control is the act of diminishing, minimizing, increasing, deflecting or obscuring direct UV rays, glare, and natural heat and sunlight which is all around us. Or in other words "controlling" the sunshine so to speak. 

When we use this term in relation to building, design or interiors, the focus goal is to create a natural and soothing lighting environment for a building's occupants which is not only kept comfortable at all times of the day, it will achieve the desired natural (sun)lighting effects which has been scientifically proven to enhance human happiness, improve moods, and increase productivity for workers, patients, students, tenants and any occupant, all across the board. 

To achieve all the above, various methods of controlling solar can be utilized by means of either simple slatted blinds, cloth shades, cellular shades, drapes, window films, curtains, motorized solutions, and multiple other treatments. With more complicated applications where the location of the project experiences extreme glare, unsightly streetscapes, or additional privacy concerns, combining and layering different treatments can be commissioned to achieve all of the above and to solve many different solar control challenges.